Corporate Culture

Excellence: I work `IN’ and `ON’ the system to achieve excellent organizational outcomes.
Collaboration: I understand that I am part of a team and I cooperate with, support and encourage everyone.
Responsibility: I behave in an ethically, socially and environmentally responsible manner while taking responsibility for my actions.
Respect: I am honest with all people I deal with at work, I treat them respectfully and care about their wellbeing.

To deliver exceptional electronic based products and services to our customers. Our pursuit of excellence in all that we do and our commitment to the community, the environment, and our own employees combine to create loyal and engaged customers and continued growth.

We see Precision Electronic Technologies leading PCB manufacturer, and recognized as an industry leader with global reach.

Our leaders role model behaviors and give clear direction on mutually agreed goals to our staff, who use and develop their creativity and skills by working IN and ON the system thereby achieving company success, which benefits our customers and makes Precision a great place to work.